draft for Voluntary Code of Ethics for Programmers [Volcep]

Medical Practitioners self-regulate by means of a Medical Council. Standards exists in almost every aspect of society to ensure a minimum standard of quality. There is no such thing for programmers. What happens when you click on the "Forgot my password" link on a website and they send you your password by e-mail, your actual password? You then realize that they do not hash passwords and this should basically be considered malpractice. It should be but is there really anything you can do other than not using the website? Is there even a consensus as to what is considered malpractice? There is not and this is a very controversial topic. There are colleges and universities but in my opinion academia does more harm than good. The reasons why is a whole topic in and of itself.

This document is very much a work in progress and I welcome comments, suggestions and the like.
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This document is a draft for a code of ethics which ought to be followed by every programmer especially professionals. Trade-offs are a big consideration in the development of software. Therefor it is not easy to come up with rules which are to apply accross the board without being vague. Nonetheless, the rules below should be adhered to as much as circumstances allow.

This code of conduct has been designed such that is does not apply to any programming language or programming paradigm in particular. This is so as to reduce controversy in a topic I expect will already be very controversial.

This code of ethics only addresses things which concern programmers specifically and not ethics and morality in general. This is again so as to reduce controversy. Sure, you should not kill each other but I did not see the need to include this here.

The code

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